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Electroplated diamond wheel electroplating principle is how like?
- May 07, 2018 -

Electroplated diamond tools diamond wheel is commonly produced by electrochemical method, electroplated diamond grinding wheel working layer containing diamond abrasive, diamond / abrasive metal binding agent is bonded to the substrate. That, electroplated diamond grinding wheel plating principle is how like?

Electroplated diamond grinding wheel is actually an electrolytic plating process chemistry, it is the use of a method of cathode and anode of electricity by the chemical composition of decomposition into ions, the role of power, the ions fixed on certain products, and thus new forming a layer of material. This method is applied to the grinding wheel, the wheel early mainly metal alloys wheel, the wheel is manufactured by sintering way, the metal is readily conductive, very suitable for the manufacture of this principle, which has become an electroplating method of manufacturing the wheel of another a new approach. It is the basic principle is to use the principle of electrolysis abrasive coating to the substrate top to the base metal alloys. Plating process to produce wheel high quality, high efficiency, low cost, because of these advantages, it is widely utilized diamond wheel industry.

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