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How to choose diamond bits
- May 07, 2018 -

Diamond bit has physical properties such as hardness, strength, wear resistance and thermal stability. Diamond bit is the most sharp drilling tool at present. In theory, it can smoothly drill into all kinds of strata. How to choose a diamond bit? The important point is that the bit selected in diamond drilling must be adapted to the lithology that is drilled, which is one of the key links to improve the economic index of diamond drilling technology.

Whether the quality of the bit is good or not, whether the bit type is compatible with the formation lithology plays an important role in speeding up the drilling speed and improving the footage of single drill bit. In drilling an oil and gas well, it is generally necessary to use a number of bits of different sizes. When drilling into the upper layer, a bit with a larger diameter should be used. Because the drilling of the drill is soft, the single bit has a lot of footage and the time of use is short, a bit can often be used repeatedly, while the smaller diameter bit should be used in the formation of the lower part. Because of the hard formation and the low footage of a single drill bit, a number of drill bits are usually used. How much the drill footage of a new drill is determined depends on the size and type of the bit, the hardness of the formation and the matching of drilling parameters. Generally speaking, the smaller the bit size and the harder the formation, the smaller the footage; the larger the bit size and the softer the formation, the more drill bit will be.

How to choose diamond bit is not only related to its own material and technology, but also to the working environment. Now let's talk about the relationship between the material and the craft. The hardness of the diamond bit must be strong and the toughness is better, so the material used should meet the standard. If the material does not reach the requirement, the life of the production must be very short. Zhengzhou forest mining machinery and equipment warm hint: in addition to the material and production process, the production process is also very important, only the perfect production of diamond bit value can be played out. Otherwise, making good material is also a waste.

In addition to the lithology and the external factors that influence the lithology, such as pressure, temperature, and formation fluid properties, the size of the diamond bit is an important factor. There are three ways of breaking rock: surface breaking, fatigue breaking and volume crushing. The ideal rock breaking effect can be achieved only if the diamond particles have enough pressure to eat into the formation rock and rock volume is broken.