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How to identify the good or bad of the pdc drill bit?
- May 07, 2018 -

With the application of PDC bit more and more widely, all kinds of quality products are full of market, dazzling, the mechanical products especially need the professional knowledge of the people to choose the appropriate high quality products. Then how should we select the mechanical PDC bit?

First of all, from the material of the body of the material. Nowadays, the material of PDC matrix drill bit is generally made of tungsten carbide and many other kinds of alloy, and the steel body is 4145H or other special steel. If the material and manufacturing process of the drill bit are not good, the possibility of fracture of the blade and bit body is also great during drilling.

Secondly, the quality of PDC composite is the most important. Because when drilling, the composite on the drill is grinding the formation. If the composite is worn out, it is broken or there is a gap, then the drilling speed will be reduced and even useless.

Other drilling processes and materials, such as welding of composite sheets, welding technology and material used, will affect the quality of drill bits.

The fluid dynamics of drill bits and the design of cutting structure will also affect the penetration rate of drill bits during drilling.