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Points for attention of PDC drill in downhole drilling
- May 07, 2018 -

PDC bit is a commonly used drilling tool in the geological drilling industry. In the downhole operation, the drill is the main pioneer. What are the notices in the process of drilling down? Here are a brief introduction to you.

Be careful when drilling down, strictly control the lower speed, the lower drill should be connected with the top drill rod, small displacement pump, after the pump pressure is normal, gradually increase the displacement, pressure does not exceed 2 tons. If it is necessary to cut the diameter, it should be followed by the large displacement of the drill pipe, the light transfer (not more than 40 RPM), the slow discharge to the punch and the main pass. The fitter should observe the well back mud condition. If a column is not returned to the mud, the column should be immediately raised and the pump will be opened up again. When the PDC bit is more than 1500 meters deep, mud should be put in the middle to prevent mud pack bit. When the PDC bit is down to the last single root of the bottom hole, it should first connect the drill pipe to the large displacement, light turn and slow discharge to wash the bottom of the well. After stopping the rotary table to explore the bottom of the well, lift up the 0.3 meter circulation mud and slow down for 5 minutes. Make sure that the bottom hole is clean after bottomhole cleaning. The speed of bottom hole modeling is less than 2 tons according to the instruction of PDC drill bit, and the depth of molding is not less than 0.3 meters.