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Requirements for cutting tools for PDC and PCD materials
- May 07, 2018 -

1 The diamond grains can widely form DD self-bonding, and the residual bond metal and graphite are as few as possible, in which the bond metal cannot be distributed in the agglomerated state or veins, so as to ensure that the tool has higher wear resistance and longer Service life.

2 The amount of solvent metal is small. It is preferable to act as a solvent in the sintering process, and after the completion of the sintering process, the sintered diamond grains are filled with an alloy that can not act as a solvent, or the residual solvent metal is isolated after sintering to avoid the dissolution metal. Direct contact with the diamond surface to increase the oxidation resistance of the PCD to ensure that the tool has sufficient heat resistance temperature.

3 The diamond grains are fine and uniform, and abnormal growth grains are not allowed, so as to improve the impact toughness of the material.

4 The bonding interface or welding transition layer between the PCD layer and the substrate has high bonding strength and good thermal conductivity to reduce the cutting edge temperature.