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Basic Features Of PCD Cutters
- May 07, 2018 -

The PCD composite with high hardness and unique mechanical properties is made of the mixture of diamond particles and catalyst at high temperature and high pressure. In the process of synthesis, the diamond particles are produced, and the "bridge" is built up between the diamond particles, thus obtaining a catalyst island like structure, similar to the whole. PCD material of diamond. The structure of PCD material is different from that of PCBN (polycrystalline cubic boron nitride) material. In the PCBN material, there is no actual bonding between CBN particles, and there is a co organism in the PCD material, and the diamond particles are connected by the lattice "bridge".

PCD tool grades are classified according to the size of diamond particles. According to the manufacturer's standards, the corresponding diamond size of fine particles, medium particles and coarse PCD grades is roughly 2, 10 and 25 respectively. The PCD number of coarse particles is higher than that of fine particle PCD, with better wear resistance and longer working life in rough machining, but the cutting edge of coarse particle PCD tool is difficult to reach the smoothness of the surface of fine particle PCD tool. Therefore, fine particle PCD cutter can obtain better surface finish, but wear faster.