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Diamond Grinding Wheel Method Bore
- May 07, 2018 -

Electroplated diamond grinding wheel bore inner circle are usually universal cylindrical grinder or a grinder. When the grinding wheel and workpiece-contact plating, there are two: one is touching the back; the other is the contact front. Easy to see sparks behind the contact, and the end of the coolant and debris splashed down fly, does not affect the operation's line of sight and safety. And contacting the front, it is generated in the opposite case described above. But the universal cylindrical grinder grinding bore, generally used in front of the contact, because the universal cylindrical grinding machine, within the dressing wheel round, cylindrical grinding wheel dressing is applied with a dresser, so only the inner circle front wheel dressing surface position, then, the movement trajectory diamond drill tip is consistent with the movement locus of the workpiece, grinding position even if allowed to repair out of the wheel surface slightly tapered, but the front surface or can be trimmed within hole full contact surface; if the contact with the back way, the only part of the grinding wheel in contact with the workpiece. Therefore, diamond grinding wheel surface should be trimmed positions in contact with the grinding wheel and the workpiece consistent manner; if it is from the front position to the electroplated grinding wheel dressing, you should only use the front-contact grinding mode; if it is to go from a position behind the wheel trim, you should using back-contact manner. In addition, universal cylindrical grinding machine so the front of the contactor, is because you can use the wheel transverse automatic feed.

Smooth through-hole grinding method

Grinding smooth through-hole, the first to determine the workpiece aperture diameter electroplated diamond grinding wheel, and the wheel is mounted on the next major axis, then adjust the stroke length of the table. Stroke length L should be based on length of workpiece I, wheel width and wheel ends beyond the length of a hole is determined. Wheel beyond to one-half the length of the ends of the inner bore of a generally one-third of the width of the grinding wheel. If one is too small, the hole at both ends of the grinding time is too short, leaving a small hole to play at both ends of the middle generation phenomenon; if 1 too, leaving most of the width of the wheel beyond the hole at both ends of a workpiece, then Due to the long axis of the electroplated grinding wheel pick elastic recovery (wheel allow large bomb in the middle of the workpiece, playing at both ends at the outlet so that a small amount).