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Diamond Wheel Defined Intensity
- May 07, 2018 -

Diamond abrasive strength including tensile strength, flexural strength, compressive strength and resistance to funk. Strength is the maximum tensile stress being under tensile performance abrasive abrasive, it is abrasive manufacturing, a secondary indicator of use, direct and abrasive is being high speed winding can rupture strength.

Diamond abrasive abrasive performance flexural strength maximum bending stress or promise bending limit. Is being abrasive grinding for molding methods, such as thread grinding, crankshaft grinding and all kinds of plunge grinding, etc., are required to wear deposit is being a good flexural strength, to resist bending stress grinding attack . Abrasives compressive performance is being abrasive ultimate strength under pressure, such as: diamond abrasive grinding wheel blunt fracture and rupture and compressive strength may be related to the degree it is being increased radial load when grinding.


Anti-funk strength performance diamond abrasive grinding wheel is being fixed RESISTANCE funk force under load. Abrasives abrasive strength comes from the manufacturing process, the factors linking agents and abrasive performance specifications repercussions abrasive strength are: abrasive type, size, the use of coupling agents varieties and performance, abrasive stance, organization, density, mixing and heat treatment process conditions, abrasive shape, diamond grinding wheel outer diameter ratio of the aperture. Process is being abrasive characteristics and specifications given current, the coupling agent performance and heat treatment conditions on the most minor.