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In The Eyes Of The Industry China Diamond Tool Industry
- May 07, 2018 -
China diamond tool after several years of rapid development, the enterprises themselves, the main product is a breakthrough in terms of management and mechanisms. China diamond tool manufacturers and any manufacturing enterprise, management is the foundation. There are a lot of content management: production management, information management, resource management, marketing management, brand management. We generally focus on the production and management, information management, personnel management, including performance assessment that is performance aspects of management, is the foundation.

Status of Chinese diamond tool industry, and now is not only a big country, it is not power, we share in the world market is still small, there are statistics show that: the world's five billion dollars in China's share of less than 10%, so China industry We should start with the most basic. In the domestic market saturation, goes out, the most important is the emphasis on brand management. Brand management including service, delivery, product packaging, marketing, confirmed orders, communicate with customer service, etc. It is the details.
DIY market products, now for some customers, the service has been higher than the quality of products, and to become an even more important content. So after production management, information management and other management in place, the next step is to brand management. Brand management is service. The second is the details of the management, because our brand first quality, and quality is the details. In detail management, diamond products business compared with the upstream diamond, there is a gap. It should be said, China diamond tool business after several years of market competition, in this regard has been done very carefully, and be able to count on the penny, one karat diamond costs considered very fine. From a cost, it should be said that the details of diamond products there is still a lot of space management. Details of the management, the key management personnel, training, and team building business industry. With particular attention to the cultivation of workers, the training of workers as an important aspect of the overall quality improvement, to train a group of high-quality tools industry team. Under the current situation, want to be like other industries and enterprises, requires front-line workers are technical school graduates or college students, China carbide tool industry pay security system is also difficult to do this, and some companies even frontline workers migrant workers junior high school students. Most jobs in this industry is the need for skilled trades. First is the training, let the workers know how he should do to make things better. In business management among companies planning to have a plan, plan implementation, followed by management by objectives. Tool industry each enterprise should develop annual goals every year, the next targets. The past is usually set plan, set goals by the end of the acceptance. So that only complete and able to fulfill the two results. Put all the things implemented, management by objectives to be decomposed. Target management is divided into longitudinal and transverse decomposition decomposition. Portrait of decomposition is the company's goals assigned department, team, individual, horizontal decomposition of the annual target into quarterly goals, monthly goals, weekly goals. It should be said, do monthly plan is a good way to annual targets assigned to them monthly, by the end of the assessment, the target from the previous results management into process management, so that execution is greatly improved. Business to a certain extent, after the basic management in place, the case should be considered on an advanced management system, ERP system as it is now used by many companies and so on. China superhard tool industry, Bo deep well on the ERP system has been for years. Despite this costly, but walking the path of standardized management business, we do need to solve the problem through a system.
For industry self-regulation, one coordinated price, and the other one is the industry innovation.
The current situation, it should be done by the association or some force to avoid vicious competition in the industry, we can say almost impossible. So another way, is innovation.2006 Antidumping ultimately unsuccessful, our association and enterprises play a role, but ultimately depends on the overall interests of the US industry. Because of anti-dumping, if established, it is detrimental to the United States, so the final vote of the six members of the four opposition. If passed, although the protection of several manufacturers, but most users their construction industry, the next few years will certainly be more, spend double the money.
On anti-dumping, superhard tool industry corporate self-regulation is one thing, but it also depends on the interests of the country audience. So the key is innovation. Our diamond tools are now made in China, how China made by China to the creation, it is to pay attention to the patent, pay attention to the invention, attention to innovation.
Europe and diamond tools from the earliest start, and then to Japan, South Korea, and now China manufacturing center to transfer trend, which just manufacturing transfer center.From the moment our people to get into the international market competition, the next step is the first to face the competition of Korean companies, Korean companies could not pass this off on can not get a higher level.
And Korean companies compete, we have in addition to cost-effective than the product, the next step is mainly in product innovation. New products past diamond tools are made in Europe and America like Saint-Gobain and other large enterprises such invention, in recent years, this innovative engine has been to South Korea, including the many new technologies in Korea and other recently introduced orientation. At this point, the gap between us is greater than the gap between product cost. In the future if certain products are invented by the Chinese in the United States, Europe, applied for a patent, in addition to China and no one can produce, so natural anti-dumping problem does not exist. When products become the only option when a country needs, there can be no anti-dumping. To avoid anti-dumping, enhance innovation capability is the most important.
In addition, China diamond tool industry enterprises to enter the international market, a market channel construction, the second is to break through the technical barriers, and the third is trade barriers. Now the main anti-dumping barriers. I think the anti-dumping process, we do not expect such a small industry, government, the government would not achieve the effect, the key is the industry, industry associations to play a role, to unite. The anti-dumping case, in fact, is not over yet, but initial victory. American prosecution also with the United States International Trade Commission in court. If the International Trade Commission loses, then the anti-dumping still established, but this possibility has been relatively small. Also in terms of technical barriers in the international arena, the majority of our business in the past through the layers of certification, the first is the earliest DSA, MPA, and now the new out of the OSA. In the United States, when anti-dumping, the EU anti-dumping application has been sent to the European Commission. The EU decided not to present the anti-dumping of Chinese enterprises, they may turn to another aspect, setting some kind of technical barriers, such as European certification. Next on the threshold of some certified Chinese enterprises will be very high, the costs are very high, such as OSA certification has had this sign. Chinese companies after the technical certification in this area to advance hands-on, major companies in South Korea four years ago OSA certification has been done, but we Chinese manufacturers by the still relatively small, and the next and more difficult to obtain this certification. The next step is likely to pass certification, labeling as a product of a more effective barrier. Certification may take a lot of money, but this must be willing to spend money to do ahead of time.