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Influence Of PDC Drill Head On Cuttings Logging
- Aug 08, 2018 -

Influence on the identification of true and false cuttings

The identification of true and false cuttings is the first and most critical step in the description of cuttings. In daily work . We usually blur those colors, the shape is large, and the local micro-bending is obvious. The larger individual judges the false cuttings, and the color is fresh, and the individual small angles are judged as true cuttings. PDC drills generally require low weight-on-bit, high-speed, and large displacement. Together with its unique structure, the fractured formation cuttings are extremely fine powder, which makes it difficult to judge the true and false cuttings by the traditional cuttings logging method. For example, when the Jingshen 6 well drilled the Dongying Formation, the purple-red mudstone was pure. Soft, plus the soaking of the drilling fluid, dried to form a large agglomerate of beans. Can not reflect the real form. The light brown sandstones of the Dongying Formation are all in the form of granular sand, which is impossible to distinguish between true and false.