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Research On Effectiveavailability Ofsuperhigh Pressure In Synthesizing PCD And PDC
- Jul 04, 2018 -

Since the use of ultra-high pressure technology in the research and production of synthetic diamonds, in order to further improve and improve the application effect, people have done a lot of research work and achieved fruitful results, so that synthetic diamonds have developed rapidly in the world and become the world. A major diamond producer. PCD and PDC are a new application technology developed in the past ten years. PCD is based on diamond micropowder under certain conditions, with a certain amount of metal binder or no binder, at high temperature. The polycrystalline body is sintered under high pressure; and the PDC is made of cemented carbide (WC-Co) or other superhard material as the base, and the upper layer of PCD is sintered under high temperature and high pressure. Practice has shown that in order to obtain qualified PCD and PDC, sintering must be carried out in the diamond stabilization zone, that is, it must be sintered under a sufficiently high pressure to ensure that the diamond is not graphitized during sintering, thereby obtaining acceptable PCD and PDC. How can we make the synthesis chamber have a high enough pressure? First, increase the liquid pressure in the six hydraulic cylinders of the press; secondly, improve the effective utilization of the ultra-high pressure by improving the pyrophyllite assembly block and the top hammer. The above one is obviously not desirable, because blindly increasing the pressure of the liquid in the hydraulic cylinder will cause the press to operate under overload for a long time, thereby reducing the service life of the press. Although a large-tonnage press is used, a small cavity top hammer can be used to sinter qualified PCD and PDC, but the capacity of the press is not fully utilized, and a large part of the ultra-high pressure is lost, so the above is not desirable. By improving the pyrophyllite assembly block and top hammer, the effective utilization of ultra-high pressure is greatly improved and qualified PCD and PDC are produced.

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