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What Are The Characteristics Of Cutting Diamond Wheels With Diamond Composite Cutting Tools?
- May 07, 2018 -

Diamond composite sheet (PDC) is a super hard cutting tool material developed in 1970s. The tool made of it is used to cut all kinds of nonferrous metals and nonmetals, and can also be used to cut grinding wheels. When cutting the grinding wheel with it, there are the following characteristics:

(1) high hardness and wear resistance: the hardness of the polycrystalline diamond layer is generally HV7000 to 9000, and the same direction is 2~4 times the hardness of the general grinding wheel. The grinding wheel has high durability and its volume wear ratio can reach 1/1300. The mass abrasion ratio can reach 1/30, thus reducing the production cost.

(2) there is a high bending strength: the bending strength of diamond is 210 ~ 490MPa, while the composite layer of PDC blade has a thicker cemented carbide bearing with higher bending strength, and its composite bending strength is up to 1500 MPa, so the cutting edge or fracture is not produced during the cutting process.

(3) the edge of the grinding wheel is easy to collapse when cutting and cutting out. When cutting the grinding wheel with the tool with a larger principal angle, the cutting edge is easy to collapse. In order to solve this problem, the circular blade is adopted to change the main deflection angle and make the cut in and out smoothly. When the feed rate is 1 ~ 1.5mm, no edge collapse occurs.

(4) the chip is powdery: the chip of the cutting wheel is powdery, and the form of tool wear is the abrasion of the flank surface, which mainly suffers the abrasion of the abrasive wheel.

(5) the cutting force and the cutting temperature are low: the diamond composite has a high thermal conductivity, which is 1.5 to 9 times of the hard alloy and 2~6 times of the copper, so that the temperature of the cutting area is quickly passed out. Therefore, the temperature of cutting the resin bond or vitrified bond wheel with diamond composite cutting tool is much lower than that of the cutting metal.

(6) with the traditional turning tool, the diamond composite film can hardly fly in the process of turning, the noise can be reduced effectively, the working environment is further improved, and it is beneficial to the health of the workers and staff.