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Wire China Expo 2018 ---- DIAMONDWK
- Sep 05, 2018 -

Wire China

The 8th All China-International Wire & Cable Industry Trade Fair

Henan Wanke Diamond Tools Co., Ltd

Booth: W3A12;          26-29th,September 2018

Shanghai New International Expo Center ( SNIEC )

1. Introduction of Exhibits Product -  PCD Blank

Polycrystalline diamond, abbreviated as PCD, normally called PCD blank, which is made by synthetic diamond micron powder ar the high temperature and pressure sintering production environment.


Be used for drawing many different varieties of material, gold wire, copper wire, iron wire, steel wire, aluminum wire, etc;

Based on the applications of wire drawing, the average grain sizes of diamond grains: 1 um, 3 um, 5um, 10 um, 25 um, 50um;

Available for lots types of wire drawing operation, from rod-size to fine-size;

Unsupported wire die blanks.Support wire dia blanks.

Coblat-bond PCD blanks. Sillicon-bond PCD blanks;

Can be used for wet and dry drawing applications;

Good finish surface;

Good wear resistance. 


图片3.png2. Introduction of Wanke

The manufacturer with 28 years rich experience

High-tech enterprise based diamond products

Plant areas more than 124000 m2

8 standard workshops, 1 research building, 1 office building




3. Introduction of Wire China

Wire China has its debut in 2004 and has be recognized as the largest trade fair for its industry in Asia. With 16 years of experience, wire China has grown into Asia's most influential, and the world's second most influential wire industry event.

1,645 Exhibitors

42,199 Buyers

97,000 m² Exhibition Space

84% Exhibitors Rebooking Rate


Welcome to visit us warmly, wait for you at Wire China Booth W3A12!

Contact: Maan Shao

Cell: 0086 13027628261

Email: admin@diamondwk.com




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