PCD Blanks

  • Supported PCD Die Blank

    Supported PCD Die Blank

    Tungsten carbide supported PCD die blanks The carbide ring protects the PCD diamond core, thus it provides the greater structural toughness, allows the finished die to withstand the heavy, and affords high shock during the wire drawing process. Round shape. Carbide-supported...Read More

  • Self Supported PCD Die Blank

    Self Supported PCD Die Blank

    Self-Supported diamond die blanks includes self-supported PCD die blanks in Hexagonal shape and Round shape in various sizes. These blanks are suitable for various wire drawing applications, especially where cost-cutting is required. ​Read More

  • PCD Dies

    PCD Dies

    There are two kinds of diamond wire drawing die, one is natural diamond die. The other is synthetic polycrystalline diamond die.Read More

  • Supported PCD Blank

    Supported PCD Blank

    The appearance of synthetic diamond polycrystalline wire drawing die develops a new way for the manufacture of diamond wire drawing die.Read More

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